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Home Working Advice

Nearly 70% of British workers were already being offered flexible working even before the current unprecedented situation, but employees working remotely doesn't have to mean a drop in efficiency and productivity if they have the right tech.

We've put together some advice on homeworking and suggestions for the best KIT you should be considering in order to keep colleagues connected, efficient and motivated, and to keep your business running smoothly in these uncertain times.


Mental Well-being

Mental well-being can be massively affected by lack of contact and colleague and client relationships can suffer without face-to-face contact.

The latest monitors with HD webcams built in can help connect colleagues and clients and provide the next best thing to being there in person. Add a compact conference speaker or headset for easy hands-free communication.

The home-office setup also needs to be considered. Having a young family off school and using the same house space can be stressful. Space may be at a premium, so consider small form factor desktops and laptops, and enhanced security options like fingerprint readers to unlock devices to prevent little terrors from accidentally destroying a morning's work.

Providing staff with better KIT improves mental well-being as well as productivity. Staff feel more valued if they have tech they appreciate and if it helps them fulfil their role with ease.


Even the biggest companies are in danger of seeing a drop in productivity if the kit provided for home-working is not suitable for an employee's particular role.

We all have a need to ensure that costs do not spiral out of control when income is under pressure but if your staff do not have the right kit for their needs it can reduce productivity, increase project delivery times, and be very demotivating for the employee.

Understand what tools are required for particular job roles and ensure the KIT provided matches this. A one-size-fits-all policy rarely works unless all staff have the same roles. We have a large range of laptops and compact/portable desktops that are ideal for all levels of workloads and you can filter by processor, memory, storage requirements and many other fields.

Second screens are also worth considering as moving from a multi-screen office environment to using a small laptop screen at home can often impact multitasking and reduce efficiency.

Dell homeworking bundles

Microsoft homeworking bundles

Kit for home workers

Homeworking laptops
From cost effective, cheap laptops ideal for quickly kitting out additional staff needing to work offsite to truly light, mobile devices ideal for workers always on the go.
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Homeworking displays
Optimise productivity by providing a second screen, easing eye strain and providing a larger desktop to enable multi-window working. Sizes available for all workspaces.
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Homeworking portable printers
For when space is restricted or or for maximum flexibility, our portable printers are ideal for homeworkers and light enough for staff who are on the road to carry with them.
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Homeworking conferencing
Ensure your staff are still connected with compact conferencing devices that double up as speakers for those essential presentations. Wired or bluetooth options available.
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Homeworking entry laptop
For a quick, cost-effective solution to keep staff working without the need to be in the office, we would recommend the following devices, all £750 or less, from HP, Lenovo, Microsoft & Dynabook for an easy solution for business contingency planning.
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Homeworking premium laptop
For execs and power users, go for a device capable of satisfying the most demanding of users. Microsoft Surface devices offer flexibility and portability built into a premium design - take a look at our recommendations
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Homeworking monitor entry-level
Even an entry-level monitor can increase the efficiency of a home-office worker, increasing the workspace available and making multitasking easier. View our range of budget displays under £100 from Samsung, HP & Hannspree.
Homeworking monitor premium
These ultimate displays provide masses of screen estate ranging from 30" to 50", including curved displays & UHD resolution models. With ergonomic benefits, including reduced eye strain, these easy connection displays help you to help your staff.

Portable PrintersPortable Printers

Portable PrintersConferencing

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