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Anker Liberty 3 Pro Headset Wireless In-ear Music Bluetooth Grey

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  • ManufacturerAnker
  • Product typeHeadset
  • ProductNameLiberty 3 Pro
  • Product colourGrey
  • Colour nameFog Grey
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  • Our Most Popular Earbuds Ever
    Liberty 3 Pro's revolutionary sound is getting big praise from media, YouTubers, and customers alike.

    ACAA 2.0
    The latest generation of our groundbreaking coaxial driver technology delivers harmonious sound with precision accuracy and even greater detail.

    A New Level of Immersion
    Liberty 3 Pro offers you a plethora of ways to tailor and enhance your listening experience so it’s truly your own.

    LDAC Technology
    Liberty 3 Pro supports LDAC technology for a Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified listening experience. 3x more data is transferred from your device to the earbuds to preserve every little detail in the song.

    HearID Sound
    HearID Sound analyzes the way in which you hear music in order to create a personalized sound profile that’s tailored precisely to your ears. It can also be applied to all your favorite EQ settings for more customization.

    3D Surround Sound
    Put yourself at the center of expansive three-dimensional surround sound for out of this world immersion in movies, games, and more. Soundcore’s 3D surround sound algorithm processes audio data in real-time to enlarge the sound field and optimize the space between different audio elements.

    HearID ANC
    HearID ANC is active noise cancelling that not only adjusts to noise levels around you, but also to your ears. Our proprietary HearID technology studies the way in which sound moves within your ears as well as the level of in-ear pressure. It then creates a tailored profile which optimizes noise reduction for you, your ears, and your surroundings.

    Low Noise Environment
    Ideal for when there’s just enough noise to bother you, Low level reduces in-ear pressure for comfort and filters out background noises in places like parks and libraries.

    Medium Noise Environment
    The noise cancelling effect and in-ear pressure relief is carefully balanced for just the right level of comfort and noise reduction.

    High Noise Environment
    When you need maximum noise reduction in the noisiest environments, High level dramatically reduces noise produced by airplane engines, trains, traffic, and more to provide a peaceful space for you to relax.

    Fusion Comfort Technology
    Unmatched Fit and Comfort
    Our patented Fusion Comfort technology combines ergonomically shaped earbuds with tailored accessories for a precise fit and comfort that lasts throughout even the longest listening sessions.

    Air Pressure Relief
    A built-in structure allows air to flow in and out of the driver’s front chamber freely to reduce in-ear pressure for comfortable wearing.

    Triple-Point Ergonomic Shape
    Our extensive research of the ear’s anatomy has allowed us to create earbuds that hug the curves of your ears and remain comfortably in position all-day long.

    Liquid Silicone Ear Tips
    Made from stretchable liquid silicone, the ear tips flex and fit to the shape of virtually any ear canal for a secure seal.

    Air-Filled Ear Wings
    The ear wings adapt to the shape of your ear and grip to its ridge for superior stability.

    Light-Catching Design
    4 nature-inspired colors and a mirror-like finish create unique effects on the earbuds’ surface. Plus, they’re highly durable and scratch-resistant.

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