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VR Headsets

Over the last few years, VR technology has exploded, giving people the opportunity to experience videos, games and design concepts in a truly immersive environment. There are endless applications for virtual reality, from gaming to product design to education. More and more businesses and schools are turning to VR to provide a memorable and engaging experience that shares information in a completely new way.

KIT Online’s range of VR headsets includes the HTC Vive and HP Reverb, giving you professional-quality virtual reality technology at your fingertips. We also sell VR headset holders, cables and displays, so you’ve got everything you need to enter a virtual world. Our stock is located in the UK, giving you the peace of mind to buy a VR headset online today.

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HTC HTC Vive Tracker, Head mounted display tracker, HTC, Vive
In Stock
HP Reverb G2, Dedicated head mounted display, 13 yr(s), Black, 114°, LCD, 4320 x 2160 pixels
Was £643.35
Now £617.61
In Stock
HTC Vive Deluxe, HTC, Vive, Black
HTC 99HANN051-00, Set, HTC, Vive, 200 mm, 96.7 mm, 40.4 mm

< 1 > 4 Results

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