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Charging Carts & Cabinets

Device charging carts offer a convenient and secure storage location for mobile devices like laptops and tablets, while also ensuring that they are charged and ready for the next user. Tablets have quickly become essential pieces of tech in classrooms, businesses and retail spaces, and charging carts offer a great solution to ensure that they are kept safe.

KIT Online’s range includes mobile device charging trolleys with wireless and USB charging, allowing you to ensure that your tablets, Chromebooks and laptops are ready for use at any time. With robust, tamper-proof designs and great storage flexibility, you can store, transport, charge and sync your devices easily.

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Kensington Charge & Sync Cabinet, Universal Tablet — Black, Portable device management cabinet, Black, Floor, Table, 9 shelves, Tablet, USB
Kensington Wall-Mount Bracket for Universal Charge & Sync Cabinet, 425 mm, 450 mm, 135 mm, 2.96 kg, 72 cm, 47.5 cm

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