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Surface Duo 2

Your teams don’t work at a desk anymore. They work outside, on the road, at a café, at client sites. They need the freedom to access everything they need where there’s no desk, no computer—just them. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 meets them where they are with two screens and the power, portability, and inspiration they need, right now. Take a look at how the Surface Duo 2 puts more apps, meetings, email, calls, texts, and everything within lightning-fast 5G reach—everywhere, anytime, right at your side

Open up a whole new level of get-it-done

Surface-du0-2 homescreeen open
Welcome to more room
There’s no more switching from app to app when you can put them side-by-side
Surface-du0-2 open on table
Choose your app combos
Personalise your workspace by pairing any two apps to launch with a single tap
Surface-du0-2 -in use outside
Even apps collaborate better
Effortlessly slide images and text files as you work in any two apps side-by-side
Surface-du0-2 open with pen
Unlock new levels of multitasking
Video conference while sketching, taking notes or watching a colleague’s presentation

Take your productivity along

Productivity tools are a tap away. From collaboration to presentation to stored data, you’re always connected now

Surface-du0-2 -open

The best Microsoft Teams mobile experience

From whiteboarding, to presentations, to group sessions, Surface Duo 2 is built for full Microsoft Teams functionality.

Discover infinite possibilities

This changes everything. Surface Duo 2 frees your people not only from the workplace, but from the work-thing. Stay in the moment while expanding the possibilities with a device that puts workplace power in your hand. Now Surface Duo 2 opens you up to the latest productivity tools, collaboration unlike any other, and access to everything you need at 5G speed.

Surface-du0-2 -open - in use

Be secure anywhere

Surface Duo 2 can be your most protected mobile device with chip-to-cloud enterprise level security built in.

Surface-du0-2 -folded

Surface Duo 2 is more than a phone

Sure, Surface Duo 2 is also a full featured smart phone with instant 5G access to calling, text, and everything your phone does—plus!

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