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Help work towards a greener tomorrow by recycling your old devices with us. Not only will you receive a Trade-in reward, but you can help offset your own carbon footprint.


We will plant a tree for each trade-in device we receive and offset at least one tonne of CO2 emissions in the Amazon Rainforest. Trees are vital for our planet. They provide soil stabilization, a home to wildlife, not to mention the oxygen we breathe. They also store carbon, making them essential in the campaign against climate change.

By taking part in this promotion, you are actively helping in the fightback against deforestation.

But that’s not all we’re doing to protect our trees. Our technology is at the forefront of efforts to combat deforestation.

Offset carbon footprint





By trading-in and recycling your devices, you are supporting the transition to a more circular economy. In a circular economy, products are made, used, then returned and reused, instead of being discarded and consigned to landfill. This is much better for our environment, creating less waste. Your trade-in devices could be refurbished and reused, or its parts could be used to repair devices that are still in use. Recycled materials could even be used to build a whole new machine. Using recycled materials is also much more energy efficient, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.
What else are we doing to reduce our carbon footprint?
-Installing renewable energy generation, like solar, on our sites
-Purchasing renewable energy commodities and carbon offsets in the wider economy.


We know that data protection is important to our customers. The secure and GDPR compliant disposal of your unwanted devices is fundamental to our trade-in programme. We use industry-leading software, Blancco, to wipe all trade-in units before recycling. We will also supply a certificate to prove that your data has been erased. Recycle with peace of mind, knowing your personal information will remain safe.


We have carefully selected our highly accredited recycling partner and our processes are WEEE compliant, so you can rest assured that your devices are being disposed of safely, securely and, above all, sustainably. As part of this offer, you will receive a Certificate of Data erasure, for your peace of mind.


How it works

Follow these 5 simple steps

Secure and simple postage solutions for your Trade-In device(s).

GDPR compliant handling and disposal of Trade-In units.

Clear Qualifying Trade-In criteria.

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