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Welcome to KIT Online - the site for Knowledgeable IT buyers

kitonline-article-block2-720x539px.png 13/05/2020

Welcome to the site dedicated to serving Knowledgeable IT buyers!

We know that every day is a constant influx of urgent fixes, replacements, advising and educating. Yet at the same time, you’re trying to prepare for the future, as technology becomes the main driver for the business. Your number of users used to simply be the number of staff. Now there’s the potential for this to become all of your customers too. No small task!

We’ve got long standing relationships with some of the biggest names in IT including Apple, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP Enterprise, and Dynabook providing fast access to their products and services. So, we’ve been thinking recently, why not share this advantage?

And this advantage goes further. Many businesses like ours have an extensive sales force, unenthusiastically chasing you to secure their commission to pay for their fast cars and extravagant lifestyles, and we all know who ultimately would pay for!

That’s not our style. We’d rather not have a salesforce and instead, give the savings back to you, our loyal customers (because we’re pretty confident that this would be your preference too). We’ll still have a great team on-hand to answer any questions should you need it, but be reassured, they certainly won’t be tasked with selling to you!

So, from one master of IT to another, we’re putting you first…giving you somewhere online to find the latest kit at the best prices, hassle free.

Visit. Buy. Save.


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