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How can we use products available to us make hybrid working safer within the office environment?

anti-microbial-article-img.jpg 07/01/2022

As the world moved towards a more stable hybrid working solution in Q3 of 2021, the omicron variant arose in Q4, once again throwing a spanner in the works. This caused a lot of uncertainty across many industries but in particular the IT industry, impacting business owners and office workers especially.

This posed the question: should we work completely from home, be in the office on an ad hoc basis or somewhere in between?

This past financial year many companies have been moving towards going fully remote. HP, an international corporation with large regional headquarters have already demolished a local costly office complex and left Bracknell after 30 years, due to the demand for office use “declining”.

On the other hand, many workers still attend the office on a regular basis. Whether that is role-specific, or just for meetings or personal reasons, we have found ourselves in an “in-between” scenario.

With the rise of omicron cases, KIT Online wants to keep the new hybrid working practices seamless and undisrupted with products that help to keep you and your employees safe - whether it is for devices, working environment or on-the-go.

How can we do this? KIT Online offers products with anti-microbial properties that can help keep you and your staff safer from infection, reducing staff absence through sickness – so you can focus on the task at hand!

Device protection:

KIT Online stock a variety of anti-glare and blue light reduction filters for a wide range of monitor and laptop sizes. However, these products not only keep your eyes safe but selected Kensington filters also keep you safe with anti-microbial technology that can inhibit bacteria growth by up to 99% (tested to JIS Z 2801 : 2010E for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus).

Click here to view our anti-microbial device protection.

Workspace protection:

Not only should we protect our devices, but we should also keep our working space sanitary too. Whether you are collaborating in the office or working from home, we’ve got you covered with workspace cleaning products too.

Click here to view our workspace cleaning product offering.

On-the-go mobile protection:

As we see the shift from fully remote to partially in office and everything in between, there is an increase in mobile device usage. Help keep your mobile devices both physically protected and hygienic with the help of anti-microbial screen protectors.

Click here to view our anti-microbial mobile screen protectors. *limited to stock availability


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